Welger AP

High-quality square baler for hay and straw

Cost saving

The high-density pressure of the Welger AP series guarantees a maximum amount of crop per bale. The more efficiently bales are pressed, the more cost savings you can achieve. Tying material, handling, transport and storage are just a few examples of areas where you can save money.

Time saving

It is easy to save time while baling. The pick-up of the Welger AP series is designed for maximum throughput of crop and bales. The smart technique of the efficient packer feed prevents any blockage. In case of an overload, the machine can deflect and automatically reposition itself ready for further operation.

Maximum user friendliness

Thanks to its easy opening and large guards, the machine is easy to access. It is therefore very user-friendly. This enables you to maintain the machine yourself quickly and carry out repair work without any hassle. In addition, the hydraulic drawbar device enables the driver to move the machine easily from the transport position to the working position. You are ready to start baling faster!

Lifetime reliability

A long lifetime is guaranteed, thanks to the construction which is designed for durability and reliability. With a Welger baler you can rely on our depth of knowledge about baling. We have produced over one 100,000 machines that are used around the globe. In the field you can count on a machine that is specially designed for maximum density and the lowest wear.

Bale length (m) Channel dimensions (cm) Pick-up working width (m) Twine holder capacity Weight (kg) Width (m)
Welger AP 630 0,50 – 1,20 36 x 49 1,74 14 1.870 2,65
Welger AP 730 0,50 – 1,20 36 x 49 1,74 14 2.110 2,65

Original Spare Parts

For a long lifespan and maximum safety
Achieve the optimal lifespan and quality of your machines and opt for the Original spare parts. All parts are carefully put together at the time of development based on quality, performance, sustainability and ease of use.


Good and consistent compacting speeds up the start of the crop fermentation process. This is how you retain the crops’ essential nutrients for the best-quality feed. Our balers offer both the best compacting and the highest pick-up capacity. For good-quality feed.