Hibiscus S

A single rake with unequalled possibilities

Neat raking for high-quality feed

Neat raking is important for minimising crop contamination. The unique Ro-tine is designed to ensure minimal contact between the grass and the ground during raking. This prevents any dirt from being picked up. The Ro-tine also ensures a constant working depth. The combination of the hollow shape and the material of the tine reduces the pressure on the crops.

Flexible user friendliness at a low cost

There is a machine for everyone, thanks to the three different models in the Hibiscus S range. The models are flexible to use. You can easily configure your ideal working height yourself, or simply put the machine in the headland position. The Head-Lock locking system ensures that the machine is fixed into the middle position to make sharp turns easily. The ideal rake for long and flexible use at an affordable price.

Great capacity thanks to excellent ground-contour following

Hibiscus rakes are known for their great capacity thanks to their stability. That stability is due to the rotors in the machine, which promote proper ground-contour following. The undersides of the rotors are designed to follow ground contours accurately. In combination with long and flexible tines, you can prevent contamination and turf damage.

Long lifespan through durable construction

The construction of the Hibiscus S guarantees a long lifespan. The risk of breakage to tines is limited by the smart design and choice of materials. The tine fixtures prevent metal wear and keep the tines tightly in their place. The rotor and frame are linked in such a way as to provide maximum turning points and frame construction.

Number of tine arms Power requirements (kW/hp) Swath width (m) Weight (kg) Working width (m)
Hibiscus 425 S 11 48 / 65 1,10 – 1,40 705 3,20 – 4,25
Hibiscus 455 S 11 51 / 70 1,10 – 1,40 765 3,50 – 4,55
Hibiscus 485 S 13 59 / 80 1,10 – 1,40 850 3,80 – 4,75

Original Spare Parts

For a long lifespan and maximum safety
Achieve the optimal lifespan and quality of your machines and opt for the Original spare parts. All parts are carefully put together at the time of development based on quality, performance, sustainability and ease of use.


Rake your crops as neatly as possible into the perfect swath and minimise undesirable mould and bacteria in the feed. The working width of our rakes is easily adjustable to create the ideal swath width for the next step in the harvest process.