Good and consistent compacting speeds up the start of the fermentation process. This is how you retain the crops’ essential nutrients for the best-quality feed. High-density bales contain more crops, thereby saving you work, material costs and storage space.

Welger balers offer the best compacting and also the highest pick-up capacity. Through the complete intake system, with its unique hydroflex control system, the driver can comfortably bale the maximum quantities of crops.

Continuous baling

With the Welger CB-Concept you do not need to stop or slow down anymore when baling any type of crop. The new concept is revolutionary as it ties a bale whilst simultaneously starting the next one. A true continuous baling concept, a true Yellow Revolution!


Fixed-chamber round balers

Welger RP 205

Simple and robust fixed-chamber baler

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Welger RP 245

Fixed-chamber baler with chopping options

More about the Welger 245

Variable chamber round balers

Welger RP 160 V

Variable round baler offering optimal flexibility

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Welger RP 180 V

Variable round baler for constant baling at maximum bale diameter

More about the Welger RP 180 V

Round baler with wrapper combinations

Welger RPC 245 Tornado

Fixed-chamber baler with the fastest wrapping system

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Welger RPC 445 Tornado

Variable chamber baler with the fastest wrapping system

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High-density balers

Welger AP

High-quality square baler for hay and straw

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